How To Speak English

About Course

We think the best way to learn English is by using what we see every day – people, actions, and the world around us. In this course, we watch videos of London streets to learn English from real-life situations. Even though you won’t be in London, our interactive class will make you feel like you’re there. You’ll talk and listen, discussing what you see in the videos, just like being in the busy streets.

Instead of just sitting in a classroom and reading from books, we learn by observing and interacting with the world around us. For instance, we might see someone jogging and describe their action using verbs: “He is running,” or talk about how fast or slowly they are moving, learning about adverbs: “He is running quickly.”

We focus on what students encounter every day as they step outside. We teach adjectives by describing the colorful shops, busy streets, or beautiful parks. We identify nouns by pointing out objects like buses, buildings, trees, and people. We use prepositions by talking about where things are: “The bus is next to the park,” or “The café is across from the bookstore.”

This approach is different from traditional methods because it’s more engaging and practical. Instead of just reading about words in a book, our students experience them in action. They learn how to use English by actually using it in real situations, like ordering food in a restaurant, asking for directions, or having a conversation in a coffee shop.

We make learning English fun and easy by showing you real-life situations. This helps you understand and speak English the way people use it every day, which is different from just reading books in a classroom. Each time you go out, you’ll learn something new, and every time you talk to people outside, it’s a chance to practice English. This way of learning helps you learn English faster and remember it better because you’re using it in real situations.

When we pay attention to what we see and do every day, learning English becomes more than just something you study. It becomes a part of how you live and talk. This way of learning is fun, interesting, and helps you get really good at the language. It’s a great way to learn that’s both helpful and useful in real life.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn English that helps in real life.
  • Discover new words by exploring London's places.
  • Feel good when chatting in English at cafes, bars, etc.
  • Get better at understanding English
  • Talk in English more like everyday conversations.
  • Learn to give and understand directions in English.
  • Feel at home in English-speaking places.
  • Remember English better by linking it to fun times in London.

Course Content

Lesson 1: How to use Nouns and Adjectives

Lesson 2: How To Use Prepositions

Lesson 3: How To Use Verbs and Adverb

Lesson 4: How to use This, That, These and Those

Lesson 5: How To Use Verbs Ending In -ED And -ING

Lesson 6: How To Use “To” and “For”

Lesson 7: How To Use Singular and Plural

Lesson 8: How To Give Directions

Lesson 9: How To Use Pronouns and “Verb To Be”

Lesson 10: Interaction